Guest Post: ‘Loving a Belfast Boy,’ by Pól Deeds.


Our sun sets when you close your eyes.


Whatever time of day you sleep,

The world ends in some way,

And we

Are left, then, emptied of you.

Without your glow

Utensils clang and clatter, doors

Bang. Lowered voices chatter,

Floors well paced now echo

The deafening, forced silence.

We try not to see relief

On nurse’s faces, who,

Bringing tea,

Innocently, desperately,

Tell us to enjoy the ‘time

Alone’ that we do not want.


Tubes, beeps, this – a wee boy’s

Sterilised childhood –

Did not define you.

You, our son, have been our joy.


And so this time,

Our world ends as you close your eyes.


But relief comes in the way

Your pain-sun sets today.

Now, a first in far too long,

Now, and forever,

There is only peace. No pain,

And you are truly ours –

No machines

Will ever again

Restrict your eagle’s spirit.


You soared

Low enough for us

To see how high

We should aim.

Thank you Oscar



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3 Responses to Guest Post: ‘Loving a Belfast Boy,’ by Pól Deeds.

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a beautiful piece. As a boy aged 6, I had Leukaemia and was given two weeks to live. I’m still here but sadly wee Oscar didn’t make it. I saw him as people saw me at a time. If I’ve learned anything in the intervening spread of years it’s to cherish those who you love and who love you back. Enjoy every minute you have as difficult as that sometimes can be.

  2. Akriti says:


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