Model Customer

269 Monrovia Street                                                 Augusto Maiale Uomo Belfast                                                                          Viale Primavera 354                                   BT7 3AR                                                                      00172 Roma                                                     N. Ireland                                                                    Italy

25 February 2012

Dear Sir(s),

I am writing to you to express my deep gratitude, and commend you on your excellent tailoring. While on holiday in Rome last summer I purchased three pairs of your own brand underpants in the sales. I must say that I find them to be very comfortable, as they provide all requisite support without excessive tightness. Furthermore, the material is durable and of high quality, and the price was reasonable as well. However, this is not the main point of my note. I am pleased to inform you that the underwear has transformed my love life. I have come to call your product my ‘lucky Italian pants’, since every time I have worn them I have never failed to ‘get lucky’ with my wife. In all honesty, I am unsure whether this is because of the fitted Italian style, or rather because they act as some kind of talisman – I suspect it is a little of both. In any case, I am delighted with them and wanted to write and inform you of such. I shall be sure to call into your shop again the next time I am in Rome. Grazie mille!

Yours Sincerely,

Laurence Duff


Viale Primavera 354                                                             Sig. Laurence Duff                       00172 Roma                                                                           269 Monrovia Street Italia                                                                                        Belfast, N. Ireland

March 3rd, 2012

Dear Signore Duff,

I am very happy to receive your letter, and showed it to my staffs, who like it very much. We have displayed it in the kitchen, and if you are agreeable we may put it on the wall in the shop. My junior colleague Fulvio has some problems with his spouse, and is going to start wearing our knickers as well, so we hope they will have the same effect for him. As a token of my appreciation, I will like to send you some more, and I also want to ask if you might like to give me a picture of you modelling the knickers to accompany the letter? But I need to know what size you are being. I am sorry for my English.

Yours Sincerely,

Augusto Maiale.


269 Monrovia Street                                                Augusto Maiale Uomo Belfast                                                                         Viale Primavera 354                                      BT7 3AR                                                                     00172 Roma                                                      N. Ireland                                                                  Italy

18 March 2012

Dear Augusto,

Thank you very much for your kind offer. I have talked it over with my wife, and she thinks it would be fine for me to model for you. I did not send a picture this time, as I thought it might be better to pose in the new underpants (not ‘knickers’ by the way – they are for girls!). I hope Fulvio is having more success in the bedroom now. The size of the pants is XXXL. I look forward to hearing from you, and will send a picture as soon as I get your package.

Yours Sincerely,


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9 Responses to Model Customer

  1. Mike says:

    Ha! It’s the way you tell ’em!

  2. jontex1611 says:

    Your blog postings are whimsical but quite humorous. Nice work.

    • jasonoruairc says:

      Thank you! There’s a mixture of humorous and more challenging material on the blog if you look back through the archives. I’m glad you’re enjoying the stories.

      • jontex1611 says:

        I will do that. New to this whole blog thing meself. Use a blog at work (teacher) but this is first real foray into personal blogging. It is addictive alright. Any tips from a seasoned veteran?

  3. chrisbkm says:

    My wife just asked what I’ve got such a big smile about… just reading your post! Love it.

  4. Ernie Swain says:

    Ha, ha. very amusing 🙂

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