• 07-10-2014: I will be doing a Vernacularisms walk around the Ormeau Road as part of The Errigle Inn’s activities for Belfast Restaurant week on Tuesday 7th October. Assemble in the Public Bar 8.30 p.m. The walk will last approximately 1 hour, and will finish back at the Errigle for stew and a pint, and a session of Irish Music. What could be better?
  • 01-10-2014: An unpublished long version of You are my Sunshine is to be published in Issue 3 of Incubator Journal. It will be online in December.
  • 18-06-2014: Guest Post by Moochin’ Photoman: Üpahats.
  • 28-05-14: Guest Post by Fiona Larkin: Oh, Oberon.
  • 03-04-2014: My guest blog for Incubator Journal, ‘Slave to the Rhythm?’ is now online. You can read it here.
  • 23-03-2014: My Poem ‘King William III Arrives at Carrickfergus’ has been published in the Community Arts Partnership’s Still anthology. You should be able to order it from the wonderful No Alibis Bookstore.
  • 22-02-2014: My wee poem ‘Consumed’ has been published by The Blue Hour Magazine. You can read it here.
  • 10-1-2014: The next Vernacularisms walk with readings in Belfast City Centre is scheduled for Saturday 25th January. Assemble 12.30 outside the Crown Bar. Free event.
  • 10-1-2014: Brian John Spencer has done a beautiful cartoon to accompany this week’s guest post on his blog, you can see it here.

2 Responses to 2014

  1. Peter McCavana says:

    Speakin’ of 2014 events in Belfast, what about the Giro?
    That’s a strange idea, starting the “Giro” race in Belfast! In wonder will it start out from Little Italy (near the “Half Bap” in the Docks / York St area)? (see article on Little Italy here: http://oldbelfastdistricts.rushlightmagazine.com/bapitaly.html)

    Did ye hear about the Belfastman who didn’t believe the “Giro” was an Italian bicycle race?
    He thought it was a “Czech” event!!

    (It’s one of me own!)

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