This page should make it easier to pick out stories. I’ve included a brief summary or synopsis of each story. This might affect your reading experience, so if you don’t want any extra information about the stories, don’t read on. Some jokes and plot twists are explained here.

Click on the links to go to the story. Links open in a new window.

  1. Guest post: ‘Cavehill and Christmas’ by Maria McManus. Maria writes about her experience of Christmas 2013 in Belfast.
  2. Done. A wheel clamp crew are outfoxed by an attractive woman. Done!
  3. Guest post: ‘Botanic – Rhythm and Blues’ by Micheál Ó Seanáin (Michael Sands). A revelation from his sister leaves the narrator in a spin.
  4. Let Down. A response to some shocking news in early 1990s Belfast.
  5. Guest post: ‘The Saw‘ by Brian McClelland. An unusual busker in 1960s Belfast.
  6. Chadwick at Large, Part 3. Chadwick talks about the Waterworks, and Wankel goes to Donegal.
  7. Guest post: ‘The Essay‘ by Neil Shawcross. Short and sweet.
  8. Postcards from the Edge 1. A visitor to The Ormeau Road at the time of the 2002 football World Cup writes home.
  9. Postcards from the Edge 2. The story continues.
  10. Guest post: ‘The Square‘ by Mike McGuire. A Limerick man’s view of Belfast’s Donegall Square.
  11. Classified Ads for the March edition of the South Belfast Herald and Post.
  12. The Breakup. A six-word story.
  13. Guest Post: ‘Loving a Belfast Boy’ by Pól Deeds. A poem about the passing of Ocsar Knox.
  14. House Party. Explosive action in the Lower Ormeau with problem neighbours.
  15. Guest Post: ‘Oh, Oberon’ by Fiona Larkin. Shakespearian activity off the Ravenhill Road, in images and text.
  16. Postcards from the Edge, Part 3. The final postcard is delivered.
  17. Guest Post: ‘Üpahats‘ by Moochin’ Photoman. A conversation about a piece of graffiti.
  18. Chadwick at Large, Part 4. Chadwick goes on a Holiday in Germany, and Wankel writes about traditional singing.
  19. Guest Post: ‘City Isles,’ by Ceardha Morgan. Musings on Belfast’s parks.
  20. The Selfish Gene? A discussion of homespun genetic theory. The title refers to the book by Richard Dawkins.
  21. Guest Post: ‘The Days I Remember,’ by Larry Mac. A nostalgic look back at school days in Belfast.
  22. Hanging up the Boots. The funeral of Gerry Burrell, Belfast footballer.
  23. Drama. A six-word story defying Anton Chekhov’s assertion that once a gun has been introduced into a story, it has to be fired at some point.
  24. Guest Post: ‘A Constellation of Belfast Nicknames,’ by Aisling O’Beirn.
  25. Word Up, Part 1. A critical analysis of an enduring piece of Belfast graffiti.

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