This page should make it easier to pick out stories. I’ve included a brief summary or synopsis of each story. This might affect your reading experience, so if you don’t want any extra information about the stories, don’t read on. Some jokes and plot twists are explained here.

Click on the links to go to the story. Links open in a new window.

  1. Guest Post: ‘Belfast to Derry/Londonderry,’ by Jan Carson. It’s impossible to be Northern Irish on a train.
  2. Word Up, Part 2. The follow up to Part 1; enduring and un-enduring graffiti.
  3. Guest Post: ‘Swimming against the Tide,’ by Linda Ervine. A blog about Linda’s experiences as Irish Language Officer at the East Belfast Mission.
  4. Looking at the Menu: A Dialogue. A married couple debate ‘trying new things’ in the supermarket car park.
  5. Guest Post: ‘Conversion,’ by Colm Dore. A deathbed conversion with an unexpected motivation.


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