Guest Post: ‘Üpahats’ by Moochin’ Photoman.

There’s one.


Over on that wall.

Can’t see it.

Look it’s right in front of you.

I AM looking. Can’t see it.

Aye lookin’ but yer not fucken seeing are ya.

All I can see is a German thing and an arrow pointing up.

That’s an umlaut on top of the Ü.

Kaaay. I don’t know any fucken German cept Achtung Baby ffs.

Fucken hate U2. Read it though, go on.

Up the Hats. Is that a dollar sign? Is the dollar going up or something?

Aye but say it quicker. Upahats. It’s having a go at the Up the Hoods UTH shite I think.

Oh right … Why the umpout thing?

Umlaut ffs. I dunno do I? Got us talking about it though, eh?

Hmm. I always thought that a dollar sign has 2 bars down. Not one. The pound sign has 1 across not 2. That’s how I remember it. Not sure about the Euro though.

There’s a word for that.

What the one line or two line thing?

No. Yeah. You know, remembering things.

Oh aye what is it?

Can’t fucken remember!


Vernacularisms Upahats

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