The Holy Trinity

Integrated primary school classroom, Belfast. The P3s are having a Religious Education class.

Teacher: “Can anyone tell me about the holy trinity?”


Girl: “Well, miss, my daddy …”


Girl: “My daddy says …”


Girl: “… My daddy says that the holy trinity is ginger, garlic, and chilli.”

Teacher: “Very good Laura. But I was looking for something about religion. You know this is RE, not home economics.”

Girl.: “But Miss, my daddy says that Ken Hom told him so.”

Teacher: “right …”

Girl: “And he’s god. Ken Hom is god.”

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5 Responses to The Holy Trinity

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  2. The innocence of children! Excellent!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great story Jason. I did click on 5 stars but only 4 came up!

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