Guest post: ‘This Place’ by Duke Special

This is where I live

The place where the rivers run

Where we all suck the same air

Poet, punk, rag toe, heel, fucker, friend and foe

This is the place I knelt and fell all tongues and spirit

Where my sister whispers in faded voice

Where I cradle a sense of wonder


This is where I lost myself, for a time, under a waste moon

Howling and hurting and hung off the rail

H-bomb burned, breathing

This is the place where the 3 princes walk by the Connswater

And will always turn my steps

This is where I was touched new

Among the scaffold and awkward cups

On the cobbles near the big spire

This is where I will take root and bear fruit and linger

Hug the earth and keep on wondering

This place


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1 Response to Guest post: ‘This Place’ by Duke Special

  1. Ian Livingstone says:

    Love it. Thanks!

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